"I am thrilled to be able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Let' s talk about Germany!" in 2019! What started out as one single presentation about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall evolved into a repertoire of 30 successful topics pertaining to the history, culture, and society of my home country!  Thank you so much to all my clients and audiences for your enthusiasm and your interest in my work. I cherish you all so much!"  --Anette Isaacs

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed about my new Levi Strauss lecture by Cathy Cushing from Library Life in Mount Prospect! Please enjoy this delightful and educational video to your right by forwarding to Minute:  3:45 (the interview is starting 3  Minutes and 45 Seconds into the show). Two little corrections: Levi had six siblings (not 7) and he was 19 when he came to the USA (not 17). But other than that, I think that this video is a beautiful representation of my work. 
Please also enjoy the two short videos above,  introducing me and my two business ventures: Let's talk about Germany and A&M Tours: Art and Music in Germany!
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