2017 is, once again, an important and busy year for all things German! For starters, we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! My program on the Life and Times of Martin Luther will present fascinating insights into the Monk turned Rebel's colorful and riveting life story!

On the political stage, the Germans will go to the polls in September and they will decide if Chancellor Angela Merkel will be able to stay at the helm of Europe's most populous nation and its economic powerhouse. I am offering three different programs to do justice to the pressing current events that are happening in my home country: Germany, Angela Merkel and the impending Election!, Germany -- Feeling the Pulse of a Nation, and Reflections on 250 years of German-American Relations!

Furthermore, I am delighted by the success of my program on the history of Margarete Steiff and the Teddy Bear which has been received so enthusiastically by Chicago audiences! Last year I presented it 20 times in libraries and historical societies and other institutions from Oswego to Fox Lake!

Another fan favorite is, of course, my program about Bertha Benz and the invention of the Automobile, a perfect tribute to this revolutionary game changer in the history of transportation.  

On a more serious note, 2017 will be the 55th anniversary of the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem and the 75th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference where the so called "final solution" was meticulously planned. My programs on Nazi Hunter Fritz Bauer and on the New Germany-- European Leader with a difficult legacy! are dealing with these trying issues.

These are just a few of the many fascinating and thought provoking lectures and presentations that are available for you and your audiences this year!

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the Lecture Titles below:

Programs pertaining to the Berlin Wall (2017 is the 30th anniversary of President Reagan's famous line: Tear down that Wall!)

--The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

--Everyday Life in East Germany: a look across the border

--JFK and Reagan: Legendary American Presidents in Berlin


Always a perfect and uplifting topic for all generations:

--Operation Freedom: The Berlin Airlift 

Perfect for Women's History Month in March of 2017 and basically year round:

--The Amazing Adventure of Bertha Benz and the History of the German Automobile 

--The Woman behind the Teddy Bear-- The awe-inspiring story of Margarete Steiff!

Programs featuring iconic German Royals: 

 --"Mad " Ludwig of Bavaria: Inside the Mind and Life of Germany's Fairytale King

--Richard Wagner and King Ludwig of Bavaria: Between Music and Madness!

new program-- absolutely intriguing for friends of music and history:

--The Tainted Legacy of Richard Wagner 

-- Frederick the Great --Exploring the Life and Times of Germany's King of Kings! (as a special treat in the 240th anniversary year of the American Revolution, we will also explore the relationship between Frederick the Great and George Washington!)

--Prussia's Glory: The Hohenzollern Dynasty

Programs relating to the 55th anniversary of the Adolf Eichmann trial in Jerusalem:

--Introducing Fritz Bauer-- The German Jew who found Eichmann and initiated the Auschwitz Trails

-- The New Germany-- European Leader with a difficult legacy!

-- From Survivors to DPs: Jews in Post-War Germany!

--Germany and Israel-- a story of Guilt and an unlikely Friendship

--Always an enchanting topic, but, of course, especially suitable in the Fall:

 Culinaria Germania-- the delicious dish on German Food


Another very important subject in my research is: Jewish Life and Remembrance in Germany.

(Photo: Holocaust Memorial in Berlin)


In 2017 I am offering the following seven programs:

--Never Forget: Remembering the Holocaust in Berlin and



--The Land of the Perpetrators: the Question of German Guilt


--The Long Road "Home": Returning to Germany after the


--Jews in Germany Today


--Germany and Israel-- a story of Guilt and an unlikely Friendship

-- From Survivors to DPs: Jews in Post-War Germany


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